Monday, July 30, 2012


Well we had an adventure this morning! It's seems as though every morning we wake up to a new one.
My mom was driving down the highway, heading to a friends house to have a morning walk, and suddenly she heard-shhhhhhhhhhhh. It turned out that the right back tire had blown out! So she called the walking friend and she brought her home. 
It ended up the old man that lived in the house of the driveway that she parked in had a shaded garage, that we changed it in(it's hard to change a tire in 109 degree weather-just thought I'd add that
). So now my dad is really happy about getting to spend one grand on tires. I'm so happy for him. Grrrrrrrr....

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  1. We just spent $710.90 on new tires too! Not a fun thing to spend money on, but I do feel safer!!!